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Cognitive Investments

Geopolitics + Economics

2021 - Present


Get financial decision-makers

Who want in-depth and BS-free analysis of current events

To subscribe to Cognitive Dissidents

By creating a new podcast brand, adding macro-finance content, providing a diverse array of perspectives.

The idea:

Cognitive Investments provides in-depth analysis of ongoing geopolitical and macro-economic events to commercial and financial operators.

The Perch Pod was a podcast acquired by Cognitive Investments in 2022. We re-branded the podcast, added regular macro-finance analysis, and began marketing the new Cognitive Dissidents podcast to a growing audience of financial decision makers looking for quality content.

We started with a digital GTM campaign that helped communicate its big benefit: Every time you tune in, you'll learn something new.


The CD Podcast currently sits at ~20,000 downloads/month, increasing at a rate of nearly ~1,000 new unique listeners/m

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